Workshop Package

Your storage shed can double as a workshop with our Workshop Package. The perfect combination of storage and utility, this package includes several elements that are ideal for craftsmen who need it all. Even better, the workshop comes pre-built, meaning you can start working in it as soon as your unit arrives.


Take a look at the features of the Workshop Package below.


The U-Loft expansion maximizes the amount of storage space in your workshop shed by offering plenty of overhead storage space. U-lofts overlook the workshop and will keep your items off the floor and out of the way, but still easily accessible.


The Workshop Package includes a pre-installed pegboard that’s perfect for storing smaller items like hand tools, paintbrushes, wiring, and more. Conveniently located right above the workbench, this pegboard keeps all of your items and tools within arm’s reach whenever you need them.


No workshop is complete without a workbench. Luckily, our Workshop Package comes with a pre-built workbench that’s ready for use right away. These workbenches have a support beam in the center for maximum strength and can withstand heavy use from woodworking, art projects, and more.

Single Exterior Wooden Door

The exterior wooden door is installed for you in this Workshop Package. If you’d like any additional features on your door, check out our Windows & Doors page

Divider Wall with Single Door Opening

A divider wall is included in the Workshop Package. Not only does it separate the workbench from the rest of the interior, it also provides support for the U-loft. You can even use it to hang additional items if you run out of space on the pegboard..

Total Price: $795

Includes all features of the Workshop Package. This price is added onto the cost of the storage building.