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Why Shed Solutions

Shed Solutions proudly offers portable storage built by Country Cabins. Our sheds, garages, and barns are all constructed with the highest quality lumber - and the homeowner in mind. Our structures are customizable, and laid out in sensible ways for hobbyists and storage needs.

At Shed Solutions, we have dozens of options available for portable storage units. Including siding colors, styles, and personal touches.

We keep our prices low, and offer a rent-to-own option so you can make payments on your terms. Take a look at how our expert craftsmen build our structures, and see what Shed Solutions has to offer.

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Superior Floor Framing

Get superior durability with our joists: two vertical & one horizontal, joist lagged to 4X6.

Notched Floors

Gain stability with 4X6 runners and 2X4 joists notched 1”.

Extra Joists for Stability

The floors on our structures are able to sustain seriously heavy loads - placed every foot, the joists are 25% closer than the standard.

LP SmartSide Siding

LP SmartSide is where beauty and durability meet. Treated to resist termites and decay and has a Cedar grain texture.

High Density Engineered Wood Flooring

Our high density engineered wood flooring is built with precision and strength in mind. It outperforms simple plywood on bending strength, durability, and even sound reduction.

Threshold Guard

Diamond-Plate Threshold guards keep any floor safe from everyday wear, so you can come and go without worry.

Double Doors

Our storage buildings are outfitted with 6’ wide double doors for convenience. Loading and unloading equipment has never been simpler!

Sturdy Frame

The double top plates we install on the walls and door frames are extra sturdy to keep your structure safe.

Insulation for Maximum Comfort

Our rFoil insulation offers optimum heat retention, and the Vapor Barrier keeps moisture out for preservation of the structure, and improved comfort levels.

Soffit Overhang

The 4" LP Soffit overhangs on our products keep rain and precipitation at bay, all while providing a chic look.

Mini Barn w/ Metal Roof

40 Year Warranty on Metal Roofs

The warranty on metal roofs extends to 40 years of wear and tear, so you can rest easy knowing that your structure's roof is covered.

Siding and Coatings

We cover our buildings in Perma-Chink Ultra-7 stains and Haley 100% acrylic paint - with Haley Paint’s 12 year warranty, your colors won’t fade.

Protection from the Elements

Our Deluxe and Dutchlap models are automatically with vapor barrier insulation in the walls; the structures are solidly protected from temperature effects of the elements. The vapor barrier prevents moisture from permeating the walls, and keeps mold from intruding.


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