Trusses are a great way to add structural strength to any storage building. They shore up buildings to make them sturdier than ever to take on the heaviest storage challenges. Not only can additional trusses support more weight from snowfall, but they also allow for more storage options. Hang bicycles, wheelbarrows, and even canoes from above with no problem!

$25.00 Each
Shed with eave overhang

Eave Overhang

These overhangs aren’t just for looks - they provide shade and prevent water damage. Eave overhangs disrupt the sun’s glare and keep its rays from hitting the siding directly, decreasing the risk of overheating temperatures inside. They also reroute rain, sleet, and hail from drenching the walls of storage buildings.

This option comes standard on hunter cabins and garden sheds and is optional for high barns and mini barns

$250 Each
Optional ramp feature


Installing ramps enhances not only the loading capabilities of a storage building, but also its overall safety. Ramps make loading and unloading equipment a breeze, without the awkward lifting. They also remove the tripping hazard near the entry, and put less strain on the knees. With less wear and tear on your equipment, it’s well worth the investment.

$250 Each