Unique Ways to Use Your Shed: From Man Caves to Playhouses

Who says your old backyard shed has to remain a portable storage building? Allow your structure to grow with you over time by converting it into what will suit you and your family’s needs best. You may have noticed an increase in buzzwords like “curb appeal” or “she sheds,” and this is simply because storage sheds also contribute to your home’s overall value. Learn more about increasing the fun, value, and usefulness of your current structure with these useful and refreshing ideas.  

Whatever You Decide to Dream Up for Your Shed Is the Limit!

There is no reason you have to limit your shed-based creation to a she shed or man cave, or a child’s bedroom or playhouse. Ever heard of a hot cocoa bar for those with mountain or skiing vacation homes? If you frequent a cabin or other property with a storage unit on the premises, this is the perfect time to invest in reclaimed barn wood. With this, you can create a ski lodge style display above your cocoa or summer bar, with accents to complement the rustic outdoors or fresh summer style look. You can also use this as additional spillover storage, in the event you find yourself in need of a second (or third!) refrigerator. 

Are you a fan of the tiny home movement that has become so popular across the country? If so, a tiny office-in-a-storage-shed might be ideal for you. Small enough for even a small corner of your backyard, but equipped with all the modern benefits of a more traditional “in-home” office. With a few simple alterations, you can even lift the ceiling of your shed to expose additional space for skylights, which can add to a homey, more comfortable working area.  

For those who are more artistically inclined, why not explore the reality of converting your storage shed into a high end technical design studio? Anyone employed in the realms of graphic design, painting, or music and sound can appreciate how designing your shed to reflect your process can benefit your end product. If you are constantly interrupted by other roommates, a spouse, children, or guests, a detached peaceful space could be the perfect fit.

Additional Considerations for Those With a Large Property

More recently, there has been a trend among those looking to partner with neighbors, colleagues, or friends to launch an entire business in storage spaces 60 square feet and smaller. Believe it or not, some prefer this arrangement and can house up to three people’s work spaces in this same area. If you own a small business, or live relatively close to the one you are employed at, this could be a possibility to consider. 

Would Starting From a New Model Be Easier? If So, We’d Love to Offer a Free Quote

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