Tips for Cooling Down Your Hunting Cabin in the Summer

Summer is the perfect time to relax at your hunting cabin, but sometimes the high temperatures can get in the way of your enjoyment. Here are some helpful tips for beating the heat and keeping your cabin cool during the summer, with or without air conditioning.

Know When to Open and Close the Windows

While it might seem like a good idea to open your hunting cabin’s windows in an attempt to cool things down in the summer heat, leaving windows open during the day may actually make your cabin hotter. When it comes to opening and closing windows, timing is everything. Close the windows and shades in the morning to keep cool air inside your cabin during the day. Then, opening them during the evening to let in the cool night air. \

To further prevent heat from penetrating your cabin during the day, consider purchasing some blackout curtains to shield against the sunlight. Alternatively, you can also install insulated blinds that will help keep the hot air out, and cool air in.

Install Insulation

If you don’t have it already, insulation is an excellent way to keep your hunting cabin cool during the summer. Insulation on your cabin’s roof and walls will help prevent the sun from making your cabin too hot. Insulation will help in the winter, too, by keeping the warm air inside your hunting cabin. Insulation comes in several different varieties, and it’s typically very affordable. 

Plant Shade

While it’s not an immediate fix, planting shade-providing plants, trees, and shrubs around your cabin can significantly reduce the temperature inside your structure during the summer months. Putting plants on the west and south sides of the cabin will help prevent sunlight from getting directly into the cabin. What’s more, planting some foliage will add beauty to your cabin’s exterior and increase curb appeal!

Close Doors and Seal Air Leaks

During the summer, closing doors to rooms you aren’t using in your cabin is a must. This will keep the cool air where you need it most and prevent it from escaping into other areas. Additionally, it’s important to seal air leaks and gaps around your hunting cabin’s windows and doors to ensure that the cool air doesn’t escape (and the hot air doesn’t enter). All you need is a caulk gun from your local home improvement store.

Cook Outside

If you ever cook inside your hunting cabin, it’s best to avoid doing so during the summer, as it will make the space even hotter. Do your cooking on the grill to keep your cabin from heating up due to an oven or stove. If you do need to cook inside, it’s best to do so during the cooler parts of the day, like the early morning or late evening.

Install Air Conditioning

If all else fails, installing air conditioning in your hunting cabin is a guaranteed way to keep the structure nice and cool during the summer. A portable air conditioner is a great, budget-friendly choice for cabins and won’t take up too much space. Naturally, this will require your cabin to have electricity, which should be installed by a professional. You can also consider solar panels for an off-grid, more energy efficient source of power.

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