Portable Storage Buildings: What You Need to Know About Options, Deliveries, and Unloading Procedures

When was the last time a home project or renovation of your backyard left you thinking, “I wish I had placed that there, after all!”? What better way to assure flexibility for you and your family’s needs during uncertain times, than to invest in a portable garden shed, garage, barn or cabin! If you have been curious about the process of transporting portable buildings from one location to another, read on to discover how the professionals get the job done.

First Thing’s First: What Are Portable Buildings and Why Should I Invest in One?

Before explaining the ins and outs of the processes and equipment that are required for positioning or relocating portable storage options, let's talk about what they are. For starters, you might think a smaller product, such as a garden shed, might be the only one you have when it comes to buildings that can move with you and your family over time. But did you know that our cabins and mini barns can also be relocated with relatively little time and effort, as well?

Hunters, for example, can appreciate the value of investing in a weekend getaway that can move along with the patterns of the game they hunt from season to season. Family members can enjoy a portable hunting cabin for generations to come, regardless of where individuals may move to. Similarly, if you are contemplating moving to another household in the near future, knowing the garden shed or high barn you buy today can tag along tomorrow can put you at ease.

Because portable units are designed with the intention of being moved continuously while remaining intact, these buildings are not reported as true inventory when it comes to claiming property. However, the benefits of the ease of use, movement and years of long-term enjoyment are sure to outweigh this fact for many customers.

Whether you are interested in clearing out the basement by purchasing one of our portable garden sheds or mini barns or hoping to getaway to the mountains this autumn in a cozy hunting cabin, we are sure to have a perfect selection for your needs!

The Process of Positioning or Relocating a Portable Storage Building: What Equipment is Needed? And What Should I Know?

How do you move a shed across the yard by hand? Actually, this is a fairly simple process. In fact, the process described here can be used to move buildings that measure 12’x 24’ and below. Typically, garden and storage sheds require three specific sets of equipment: pipe rollers, wooden tracks and automotive jacks. Because the dimensions of these models are much less compared to a hunting cabin or high barn products, you can expect this option to take a considerably less amount of time to deliver and unload.

Equipment for Larger Buildings (Barns and Cabins)

For storage units larger than a conventional garden or storage shed, a team of professionals will be required. A trailer is often used, which is backed up and under the rails that line the bottom of these structures. Once loaded, a chain system is typically used in combination with a pulley and lever system on the truck to slide the structure on top of the trailer. Straps on the trailer are then fastened to the beams of the storage building before delivery of the unit. When ready for the unloading process, these steps are merely reversed. Everything is typically remote control, with hydraulics on moving trailers enough to carry the brunt of the job.

Site Selection (Drainage, Access, Security)

Although the process of moving a portable building may seem like it ends here, now that you can envision the needed steps, you should consider site selection options! You can imagine how the procedure detailed above can be hurt or helped by the degree to which accessing your site or backyard is difficult or simple. Trees, off-the-beaten-path roadway systems, or infrequently maintained properties are only some of the potential challenges you should consider avoiding whenever possible. Obviously, this will be easier to account for if you are choosing a portable hunting cabin (which requires a new site placement) compared to a garden shed for your backyard (which is relatively static and attached to your current home).

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