Outdoor Fun Locations in Ohio This Summer

The state of Ohio offers some great places to enjoy the outdoors. If you live in the Centerburg area and are keen on enjoying the summer, there are several places you can go with family friends for vacation or even just a day trip. Whether you like hunting, fishing, camping, or all of the above, there’s something for you to do in Centerburg and the surrounding areas.


Alum Creek State Park

Located inside of Alum Creek State Park is a campground that allows you to fully enjoy nature by staying in the heart of one of Ohio’s most beautiful state parks.

If you decide to stay here, you’ll have access to trails for biking and horseriding. You can also play mini-golf and enjoy the public beach.

Hocking Hills

If you’re from the Centerburg area and don’t mind making the 90-minute trip south, then Hocking Hills is an ideal location with a wealth of camping options for you and your family and friends.

You aren’t going to be limited to one form of camping. If you have an RV and are looking for a campground to accommodate your vehicle, there are several places to go.

Hocking Hills Adventures’ Campgrounds is conveniently located in the heart of the Hocking Hills area and provides guests with the perfect place to enjoy hiking, tubing, rafting, and three different campsites, all offering opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

Top ‘O The Caves has it all, from areas for tents and RVs to fully furnished log cabins. They also have facilities for outdoor fun with their swimming pool and fishing pond.

Rustic Knolls

In very close proximity to Centerburg is the family-owned Rustic Knolls Campground. They have been in operation for over 50 years and have cabins available for rent as well as spaces for your RV. You can ensure a relaxing stay with lakes for both swimming and fishing as well as places to play volleyball, basketball, and horseshoes.


Woodbury Wildlife Area

Only an hour drive from Centerburg, the Woodbury Wildlife Area in Coshocton is 19,000 acres of public fishing and hunting land makes it the largest of its kind in the state of Ohio. As long as you have the proper licenses, you are free to hunt and fish on the property.

Not only is Woodbury great for hunting and fishing, but it is also a wonderful place to picnic or take a hike one of their many trails.

WolfCreek Whitetails

Although it’s a nearly two hour trip to McConnelsville, Ohio, WolfCreek Whitetails is absolutely worth the trip. Whereas Woodbury is public, WolfCreek is private and the owners offer what they describe as “your hunt of a lifetime.” They are dedicated to offering expert guidance, preparation, and facilities so that your whitetail hunt successful.

Few places are as dedicated to the satisfaction of hunter as WolfCreek Whitetails.

Dillon State Park

Like Woodbury, Dillon State Park is public land that is part of Ohio’s state park system and offers hunters the opportunity to hunt in the park. 

You can hunt deer, ducks, and even turkey. Like most public hunting areas, you are not limited to strictly hunting. You can get your fishing rod out and catch some bass, bluegills, or catfish, or take a scenic hike through some trails with great views of wildlife.


Antrim Park

The city of Columbus is home to Antrim Park. If you want to make the trip into Columbus and have the itch to catch some fish, Antrim Park is 120 acres and the large lake inside of the park is stocked with Rainbow Trout once a year.

While you’re there, you can check out Antrim’s sports facilities as well as walking trail and wildlife area.


Centerburg has its very own 5-acre pond stocked with a variety of fish. You don’t have to go far to enjoy a relaxing day of fishing. 

The Centerburg Conservation Club allows you to fish at night as well in their pond stocked with 6 types of fish, most of which have some sort of catch and release restrictions depending on the size of your catch.

Hoover Reservoir Park

Also known as Hoover Dam Park, Hoover Reservoir Park is a 2,800 acre lake that provides ample space for fishing. You can fish right from the bank or use one of several ramps to take your boat out onto the water. You have the opportunity to catch different types of bass as well as catfish. If you also enjoy bird-watching, Hoover Reservoir is an ideal place to spend your day outdoors.