How to Maximize Floor Space in Your Garage: Preparing for Summer Storage Needs

Pool floats, sports equipment, and lawn mowers, oh my! Summer is upon us, and school is out. Which means that now is the time to maximize available storage space in your garage.

Options for Increasing Your Garage Floor Space: Storage Ideas

While you peruse wall rack and overhead shelving ideas, imagine how these might look in your own garage. Rearranging your space can make a world of difference, and a summer full of (organized) fun. 

Easy-to-Do Ideas That Will Make a Big Difference: Get Organized

Wall Racks Help You Make the Most of Your Space 

Satisfy the cyclists, hockey players, or other athletes in your home with their very own storage wall rack. These are perfect for clearing large or unsightly sports equipment from your floor, while keeping them safely out of the way. 

Incorporate Colorful Storage Bins With Your Overhead Shelving Unit

Have lots of loose items, or need a cubby for each of the kids to put their stuff? Assign everyone their own colorful bin, which you can also use to custom measure shelving units to keep clutter in one place. 

Magnetic Strips Can Help You Keep Useful Items Handy

If you are someone who uses your storage garage as a home office, she-shed or man cave, you can keep your tools, pens, office supplies and more accessible with magnetic stripping. You can place these handy strips anywhere in your garage, and add magnetic tape to items you’d like to keep closeby. 

Track Systems Are Great For “Everything Else”

If there’s an anything goes vibe to your current storage garage, you might opt for simple track systems. This is perfect for items that are oddly shaped, or difficult to fit into bins or on shelving units. 

Coat Racks Aren’t Only For Coats!

Hooks can be incredibly time and money friendly, while offering a powerful way to keep clothes, brooms or yard tools visible and organized. Repurpose coat racks for a polished look, or opt for bulk savings and buy individual pieces from your local hardware store. 

Garage Organization Shopping List: Items to Add

Once you apply some of the simple upgrades listed above, you can also invest in outside items that can also make your life easier. Coordinate colors for a fresh, summer makeover!

Must Haves For The Most Organized Summer You’ve Ever Had

  1. Canvas Storage Bags or “Boxes” - These are a trendy, popular way to add some decorative flare to your organizational palette. Opt for cool blues, whites and tans for a beachy summer vibe, or go with your old reliable for a long term commitment.  
  2. Rolling Carts and Workshop Stands - Another popular option for those who work or craft in their garage, rolling carts of mini workshop setups can help to create a personal space within your storage unit. Keep arts and crafts, paperwork or toys portable and safe.  
  3. Pegboards - Storage on the fly! Who wouldn’t benefit from adding a space for miscellaneous items, souvenirs, or other fun momentos. You can even use this to decorate an indoor summer garage bar, if you choose!

Is Your Garage the Problem? We Have You Covered.

There’s also a possibility that your problem isn’t your storage options, but rather your storage garage. If you have an old storage unit, or you’ve moved into a home with a garage that doesn’t fit your style, we can help. 

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