Decorating Your Storage Building for a Smoky Mountain Feel

If you are like many people, there is often little time to decorate or prepare for the holidays until they are nearly upon us. That’s why we wanted to offer tips, tricks, and ideas for converting your typical backyard portable barn or Amish structure into a holiday getaway reminiscent of a countryside cabin. After all, it may not come naturally to switch the red and green for plaid, or to decorate the family deer head above the fireplace. We have you covered with a breakdown of some of the most important trends you can borrow to get that same countryside feel.

Read on to learn about the sights, smells, and small touches that can make a huge difference in how your household celebrates this year (even if you never leave your property). What’s better? There are a range of options that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor makeovers, depending upon whether you are looking to spend the holiday in a fun, seasonal getaway or are merely trying to spruce up your curb appeal for the neighbors.  

Decoration 101 and Rustic Tips to Set the Tone

Given the versatility of our portable barn styles, you can have fun re-imagining the functional and aesthetic features of your structure anytime the desire strikes you. What better time to redesign your space than the holidays? With this in mind, read on to learn more about how to achieve a rustic, country-inspired look this season (regardless of your actual zip code!). If you’ve been fortunate enough to spend time in a mountain cabin setting, then you’re well aware of the general feel and tone set by these coveted destinations. Now the comfort and feeling can be yours, without the drive or flight! 

If you are curious about what makes a style “country”, specifically, you’re in luck. In addition to the measures you can apply to bring your indoor space up-to-par, there are also decorating tips that are best achieved from the curb. Even if your portable building is tan, white, or otherwise plain to look at, you can always incorporate pine garland for added “pop” for those who pass by. 

If you live in a family where hunting is a tradition, you can have fun decorating the family deer head trophy with festive ornaments, string or bows. Bringing and storing your firewood inside of your mini structure (think: in bookshelves around a faux fireplace) in small amounts can also help to achieve a woodsy, cozy indoor feel.

For some additional inspiration that screams country, review our other tips and tricks below:

  • Consider a portable mini-bar that can occupy a space in your home when you are not entertaining in your portable storage building. Spruce up the details by adding in fresh garlands, complete with fruit accents such as oranges, cranberries, limes or lemons.
  • Migrate those extra family photographs sitting in the basement to your barn or storage shed to recreate a personal touch for the holiday season. Add tinsel lining or coordinated holiday bows to bring attention to key visuals.
  • Put the kids to work creating country centerpiece masterpieces, which can be easily achieved by recycling old shipping or bottle crates and easy-to-find miniature evergreens or figures from your local craft store. 
  • Texture is your friend! Regardless of the floorplan of your portable Amish structure or barn, you can always incorporate more materials by bringing pillows, blankets, and accents from your main living area. 
  • If you want the Smoky Mountains, you have to get glitter: think snow! Shiny icicle lights, pinecones, and woodland creatures are wonderful items to weave throughout your portable structure to achieve cohesion and style.
  • Can you get more country than switching out a traditional Christmas stocking with a seed bag? Borrow another country tradition favorite by placing a tiny house on the top of your tree, or using cowboy hat or boot ornaments as a themed decoration palette.   

One other pro tip you might not have heard about? Replacing a historical Christmas obsession with red and green with plaid! Burlap bags, bows and accents are also a cheap, easy and beautiful way to spruce up your converted country getaway. In addition to bottle or wooden crate holders, you can also use wicker baskets to house pinecones, candles and holly sprigs to set the mood in any room.

Spend a Cozy Evening in Your Holiday-Ready Portable Amish Building

Whether you plan to use your portable structure for entertaining, storage, or a hybrid of the two, consider Country Cabins for your next purchase. We offer a range of styles and materials to match your preferences, including your choice of Dutch Lap, LP Barn, or Half Log siding (to name a few). What’s more? Each of our high barns comes equipped with double barn doors, two lofts on either side, notched runners, high-density engineered wood flooring, and an insulated vapor barrier on walls and ceilings. 

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